Jordana Brewster Shares Her Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Story From ‘The Fast and the Furious’

The memories behind the miles! Jordana Brewster has been part of the Fast and Furious franchise since the first film premiered in 2001, but there’s one moment that still stands out in her mind.

“I split my hand open jumping from roof to roof in Puerto Rico,” the Fast X actress, 43, exclusively recalls in the new issue of Us Weekly. “I was like, ‘I can keep going’ because I wanted to have bravado in front of Paul [Walker]. He was like, ‘Yeah, you’re being tough! I’m so proud of you!’ When we wrapped, I went to get stitches. I consider that my badge of honor.”

Brewster plays Mia Toretto — sister of Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and wife of Brian O’Conner (Walker) — in the action franchise, which returned to theaters last month with the release of Fast X. After Walker’s death at age 40 in a 2013 car accident, Diesel, 55, and the Fast and Furious production team decided to keep his character alive in the films by having Brian “retire” from the world of high-speed heists.

Jordana Brewster Shares Her Favorite Memory From Filming The Fast Saga

“I’m always thinking about him. He’s always right here [in my heart],” Brewster tells Us of Walker. “His death was so impactful because people understood on a very primal cellular level what a wonderful good soul he was.”

The newest film honored the late actor with a cameo from his daughter, Meadow Walker, who was 15 when her father died. Now 24, the model — whose mother is Rebecca Soteros — appeared as a flight attendant who hands Jakob Toretto (John Cena) a few bottles of alcohol.

Jordana Brewster Shares Her Favorite Memory From Filming The Fast Saga

When Meadow wed Louis Thornton-Allan in October 2021, Brewster was in attendance along with Diesel, who walked her down the aisle. After the festivities, the Faculty actress shared a video from the wedding via Instagram, writing, “I’m so happy for you beauty.” In the comments section, Meadow replied, “I love you.”