‘What do you think about my brеɑѕtѕ?’: Wonder Woman Gal Gadot makes Kimmel blush during leggy appearance to promote Batman v Superman

Host Jimmy Kimmel was caught off guard during his show when Gal Gadot, the actress playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, asked him for his opinion on her breasts. Instead of using the word “wonderful,” Kimmel stumbled over his words and blushed. Gadot didn’t hold back in asking for a critique of her curves.

She looks great! Gal Gadot explained to Jimmy that comic book fans had been commenting on the size of her chest when she stopped by his show on Tuesday

Wow, she’s looking stunning! During her appearance on Jimmy’s show earlier this week, Gal Gadot shared with him that fans of comic books had been discussing the size of her bust.

Say what? Kimmel was when Gadot questioned him about her breasts

Kimmel was caught off guard when Gadot playfully asked him about her chest, leaving him slightly embarrassed.

Red-faced: The flustered host shielded his face in embarrassment

Blushing: The embarrassed host covered his face to hide his redness.

Leggy display: The head-turner arrived at Kimmel Live on Tuesday in Los Angeles with an entourage

Upon arriving at Kimmel Live in Los Angeles, the stunning actress had all eyes on her thanks to her long legs. During her conversation with Jimmy, she surprised him by suddenly asking his opinion on her breasts only 90 seconds into the chat. As he admitted to being a comic book fanatic, the actress explained that fans of the genre had been talking about the size of her chest. She previously dismissed comments that her breasts were too small, realizing that it’s impossible to please everyone. Jimmy blushed but complimented her, “They look great, both of ’em,” before asking why she brought it up.

Wonder-full? Just 90 seconds after starting their conversation, the actress suddenly asked Jimmy: 'What do you think about my breasts?' after he confessed to being a 'comic book nerd'

Isn’t it surprising? The actress had only been talking to Jimmy for a minute and a half when she abruptly inquired, “What’s your opinion of my bosom?” This was after he admitted to being a fan of comic books.

Revealing: She also explained to Jimmy that she got very cold on set while filming Batman v Superman thanks to her skimpy Wonder Woman outfit

During a conversation with Jimmy, she let slip that she had a hard time keeping warm while shooting Batman v Superman due to her revealing Wonder Woman costume.

Classic: She channeled Hollywood glamour with a strong-red lip, keeping the rest of her make-up game simple as she appeared on the chat show

Rewritten: The Hollywood star exuded glamour on a talk show with her bold red lipstick, choosing to keep the rest of her makeup minimal. Her outfit was a stunning lace dress that highlighted her toned legs, adorned with large daisies in white and yellow hues. Complementing the lemon shade in her dress, she opted for striking heels and flaunted her impressive muscular physique that she gained during intense training for her role. She completed her look by styling her glossy brown hair into loose waves, framing her beautiful features with a side-parting.

Stunning: The Furious 7 actress wore her glossy brunette locks in a side-parting with a loose wave framing her pretty features

The actress from the movie Furious 7 looked stunning with her shiny brown hair styled in loose waves that complimented her beautiful facial features. The hairstyle had a side-parting, adding to the overall elegance of the look.

The beauty put on a leggy display in a bottom-skimming lace dress

It featured giant white and yellow daisies

As spring blooms, the person in question flaunted their beauty in a lace dress adorned with large white and yellow daisies. They exuded classic Hollywood glamour with a bold red lip, while keeping the rest of their makeup simple. Earlier, they were spotted arriving at the Los Angeles studios in a green form-fitting sheath dress that accentuated their hourglass figure. Despite not wearing any makeup, they still looked stunning as they prepared for their appearance. It’s clear that they were pleased to bask in the Californian sunshine after confessing to Jimmy that they found filming Batman v Superman uncomfortable due to their skimpy Wonder Woman costume. The individual even admitted that they didn’t fit into the redesigned costume, but felt too embarrassed to inform the designers.

Natural beauty: She arrived without make-up ahead of getting ready for her appearance

She came to the venue without any makeup before preparing for her appearance, highlighting her natural beauty.

Earlier she'd been spotting arriving to the Los Angeles studios in a figure-hugging green sheath dress

The outfit made the most of her hourglass shape and flat tummy

In terms of appearance, Gal Gadot was seen arriving at the Los Angeles studios wearing a form-fitting green dress that accentuated her hourglass figure. During an interview with Jimmy, she discussed the surreal experience of seeing images of herself as Wonder Woman in a large hangar before trying on the costume. Despite struggling to breathe in the tight costume, she didn’t mention it to anyone as she was grateful for the opportunity to play the iconic role. When Jimmy asked if they made the costume too small, Gal admitted that it was indeed too tight but she didn’t speak up about it at the time.

Beauty queen: She's a former Miss Israel who took part in the Miss Universe pageant in 2004

A former Miss Israel who competed in the Miss Universe pageant back in 2004 is none other than our beloved Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he made a joke about perverts being behind her iconic Wonder Woman costume and asked if it was designed by a man. Gal humorously confirmed that it was, but revealed that the sizing was wrong and caused her to pass out during fittings. Despite the correct fitting, the outfit did not offer much warmth against the cold English winter weather during filming. Gal joked about not knowing who came up with the idea to shoot Wonder Woman during such a harsh season.

Iconic role: She will first be seen on screen as Wonder Woman opposite Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman, from March 25, and has also landed her own solo Wonder Woman movie - which is due for release on June 23, 2017

Gal Gadot, known for her iconic role as Wonder Woman, is set to appear on the big screen alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman from March 25. Additionally, she has secured a solo Wonder Woman movie, which will be released on June 23, 2017. During her pageant days, Gal competed in Miss Universe in 2004, and a photograph of her was dug up by the host, causing her embarrassment. Currently, the actress splits her time between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles with her property developer husband Yaron Varsano and their four-year-old daughter Alma. Jimmy made a witty retort saying, “This is the guys again!”