The Smile that we All miss And Don’t miss the last picture of Beloved Actor Paul walker

The Smile that we All miss And Don’t miss the last picture of Beloved Actor Paul walker

Paul walker was a beloved actor, His role in popular movies like Fast and Furious franchise , eight below , takers, hours , Stories USA ,district 13. Paul walker was born in California in 1973!

Paul walker was died on November 30,2013. He died in Santa Clarita, California. The cause of death of Paul Walker is combined effect of traumatic and thermal injuries sustained in vehicle. He was study in Village Crishtaiin school .His mother Cheryl , was a fashion model and his father Paul William walker was a contractor and boxer who was two times champion of Golden gloves.

Paul walker have four siblings and they are; Cody, amie, Ashlie ,Caleb.

His best Friend Vin diesel posted a status in Instagram; Paul walker I miss you and love you!

Vin Diesel was born on July 18-1997,his monthly income is $2 million + ,his salary is $24 million. Now he is 55 years old. Vin diesel is an famous American actor and producer who has Famous name in Hollywood and other flim industries his real name is Mark Sinclair.

Vin diesel was form a middle class family’s, he conduct some dance on roads When he was 15 years old, he set a goal make a biggest and finest actor. We salute his struggle. Many blockbuster movies was done by Vin diesel like Fast and Furious’, bloodshot , Avengers infinity war, wheel man,multi facial , etc.

He was the role model of every youth, he is not believed to get married , he has a partner named Paloma Jimenez, and they have three children. His Best Friend named Paul walker, the most famous and finest, greatest American actor, he died on November 30 ,2013.He was 40 years old when his was dead.

Paul walker have a beautiful daughter named meadow walker who was model, after death of Paul walker Vin Diesel is her God father,in her wedding he complete the responsibility of her father Paul walker, Paul walker and Vin Diesel is the bestest friend when they are together, together they made many movies

Paul walker pass away in car accident due to over speed ,

the last word Said by Paul walker is I will be back on 10 minutes.