Salma Hayek’s Nostalgic Throwback Pic Reminded Us of the Sєxy Style Trend Everyone Needs

Earlier this week, Salma Hayek posted a throwback pH๏τo on Instagram in honor of Jennifer Lopez’s birthday. “It made me think back to a time when they said we wouldn’t make it,” the caption read. “Then they said we wouldn’t last.” Newsflash: Hayek and Lopez more than made it. So much so, we’re now pining after their fashion looks, specifically Hayek’s super Sєxy ensemble.

In the pH๏τo, Hayek can be seen wearing a V-neck ‘fit that plunges all the way down to her belly ʙuттon. The spicy look wasn’t just alluring back then, but continues to be a show-stopping style choice today. Hailey Bieber, Camila Cabello, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kendall Jenner are just a few celebrities who continue to keep the skin-baring trend alive. So whatever you do, don’t forget about this alluring closet must-have; it’s perhaps one of the easiest ways to step out in a sultry look without having to try too hard.

This Amazon bodysuit from Rooscier really hit the nail on the head — the brand’s sleeveless bodysuit dives down to the navel, highlighting the décollté. The suit also features slinky ruching that adds the perfect amount of dimension, a halter tie that accentuates the shoulders, and a backless design that’s ideal for H๏τ summer days. Above all, it’s just $25.