“Salma Hayek, 56, wears no makeup while relaxing on a hammock,,

In her latest Instagram post, Salma Hayek kept it honest, sharing photos of herself makeup-free with tousled hair fresh from the ocean.


The 56-year-old’s nails were noticeably chipped in the beautiful photos. In her caption, Salma referenced her need for a manicure, explaining that her love of the ocean resulted in her damaged nails.

“Find a place that makes you wander and dream of your safe place. It’s under the ocean; it gives me a lot of peace, but it destroys my manicure.”

Alongside the photos of herself relaxing in a hammock, the Black Mirror actress posted an underwater video of herself scuba diving along the ocean floor, with fans loving the insight into her vacation.

“You look so relaxed. Have a wonderful day, Salma,” one wrote, while another added: “I hope that you find there the peace that you always give out to the people around you.”