Michelle Rodriguez to step back from franchise after ‘Fast X’

One of the original Fast and the Furious stars Michelle Rodriguez is will be relinquishing the driver’s seat after Fast X.

While there are a number of spin-offs in the works, Rodriguez will not be playing a lead role in any of the breakaway projects.

“You pass the baton on. You take the back seat,” Rodriguez told Variety.

“You go passenger side. When it [be]comes the next generation, you have to. It’s the only way to let them define the future.”

Vin Diesel also confirmed multiple subsidiary projects are are being planned, including the much longed-for female-led film.

“I started developing the female spinoff in 2017 with other spinoffs, and the sooner I deliver the finale, the sooner I can launch all the spinoffs,” Diesel said.

Fast X features a star-studded cast, including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, John Cena, Jason Statham, Sung Kang, Charlize Theron, and Helen Mirren.

The film follows Dom and his family as they face off against a new villain, Dante Reyes, played by Jason Momoa. Brie Larson has also been cast in the film as an agent who partners with Dom.