Paul Walker’s death anniversary is recognised by Vin Diesel with a Fast & Furious image.

Paul Walker’s death anniversary is recognised by Vin Diesel with a Fast & Furious image.
On the ninth anniversary of his passing, Vin Diesel honours Paul Walker by posting a cute photo of the two of them from the Fast & Furious series. Fast & Furious has grown from its very modest beginnings in 2001 to become one of the most successful action film series ever. Early on, Brian O’Conner of Walker and Diesel worked on opposing sides of the law; nevertheless, they soon teamed up and ultimately joined forces with a team of brilliant drivers to hunt down international criminals. But in 2013, when Furious 7 was in the midst of filming, Walker sadly passed away in a vehicle accident.

Diesel now honours his late co-star on Instagram with a photo of the two of them from the Fast & Furious trilogy, nine years after Walker’s passing. Diesel has paid homage to his late co-star on social media several times over the years; a more recent tweet commemorated both the end of Fast X shooting and what would have been Walker’s birthday. See Diesel’s heartfelt homage to Walker below:

Could CGI Resurrect Paul Walker in Fast & Furious 10?

Walker’s passing during the development of Furious 7 caused the team to make a tough choice on how the series should go forward. Walker’s persona would ultimately be digitally reconstructed, with his two brothers acting as body doubles on site. Although Walker’s character is still alive in the fictional world of the movies, he hasn’t featured in any sequels to Furious 7. Since Fast X and the recently announced Fast and Furious 11 are anticipated to be the final two instalments in the series, many fans are curious as to whether Walker’s Brian would feature in any capacity.

Walker’s character may make an appearance in a quick cameo, even if it appears less probable that the series would build a digital Brian to star in any of the two next movies. The Fast & Furious movies often conclude with all of the main characters gathering for a meal or drink as a family. It is most likely at one of these sequences that fans will see Brian in Fast X or its sequel.

Although the release date for Fast & Furious 11 is still unknown, it will mark the franchise’s 20th anniversary. Fans should expect another heartfelt remembrance of Diesel before the series comes to an end since Walker was obviously close to Diesel and had a significant part in making the movies the huge hits that they are today.

The use of CGI to bring deceased performers back to life has increased recently, yet some viewers are still split over whether it is suitable or not. Fast X or Fast & Furious 11 may be able to give fans a more heartfelt send-off for the character and the actor than what they previously had, but it’s widely agreed that Furious 7’s replication of Walker was done tastefully and the picture as a whole serves as a wonderful memorial.

Regardless of what transpires in the last two movies, it’s obvious that Walker and Diesel developed a close friendship via the Fast & Furious series that Diesel still carries with him today.

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