First Look at Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson in ‘Red One,’ a New Christmas Film

First Look at Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson in ‘Red One,’ a New Christmas Film
Fans got a sneak peek at MCU mainstay Chris Evans and newly-anointed DCU star Dwayne Johnson in their forthcoming Christmas feature Red One.

This holiday blockbuster, which has been characterised as a cross between Hobbs and Shaw and Miracle on 34th Street, will be released sometime next year. The Amazon Studios picture is presently in post-production, with both Evans and Johnson on site.

There had been speculations about Red One, the most prominent of which was that Dwayne Johnson would switch in his Black Adam super suit for his Santa outfit. Fans have theorised that “The Rock” would play Kris Kringle in the film.

That claim has since been refuted, but Johnson has said that even if he is not playing the Man in Red, his role is still “something incredibly great.” Fans have received their first look at both Johnson and Evans in the forthcoming holiday epic thanks to a fresh batch of pictures.

A Closer Look at Red One

Fans got their first peek at Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson on the set of Amazon Studios’ next Christmas feature, Red One. A new series of photographs from Just Jared provides a closer look at the same moment, giving spectators a clear idea of how the two Hollywood titans will seem in the film. Evans’ persona seems to be very typical, wearing a brown leather coat and sporting a beard and unkempt hair.

Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson were seen having an animated conversation while holding some gifts, like a Monopoly board game set.

— Red One Updates (@RedOneUpdates) November 4, 2022

Johnson, on the other hand, is decked up for the holidays, dressed in a slim-fitting green-and-red leather super suit that makes him appear like a super-powered Christmas elf.

The two actors are shown having a violent argument, with Johnson’s character clutching a copy of Monopoly and what seems to be a pair of Christmas lights or some type of Holiday-themed cricket.

Hiram Garcia, a close collaborator with Dwayne Johnson and the originator of Red One’s narrative, revealed to Slashfilm last year that the WWE superstar-turned-box office badass is “not portraying Santa.”

He went on to explain that the whole crew is “very thrilled” about the project, which aims to “throw holiday mythology on its head:”

“He’s not playing Santa, which is amusing. Everyone believes he’s playing Santa for some reason. He’s not playing Santa, but he’s doing something spectacular. We’re absolutely looking forward to it. It’s the film we want to shoot next year. We’re excited to have Jake Kasdan directing it since he is such a master of that genre and the tone we want to achieve. It’s like “Hobbs and Shaw” crossed with “Guardians of the Galaxy” crossed with “Miracle on 34th Street.”

It’s going to flip Christmas mythology on its head. It’s difficult to locate another Christmas movie that even comes close to it. I don’t believe something like this has ever been done in that location, which is always quite intriguing to us. We’re really pleased about it, Amazon has been fantastic, and we’re in the midst of writing the screenplay, which will be shot next year. Our objective is to have it ready by December 2023, if everything goes well.”

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