Why Jason Statham Left “The Man from Toronto” on Netflix

Why Jason Statham Left “The Man from Toronto” on Netflix
Why Jason Statham Left “The Man from Toronto” on Netflix
His fans were startled by the actor’s unique justification for abandoning the Netflix tape.

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The comedy and action movie “the man from Toronto,” which debuted on Netflix on June 24, has held the top spots in the platform’s Top 10 for a number of weeks.

Woody Harrelson, Kevin Hart, and Kaley Cuoco all appear in the movie, which follows a clumsy businessman who gets mistaken for a murderous killer who lodged in the same apartment.

Few people are aware that the role of Hart would initially go to the well-known Jason Statham, despite the fact that the idea is straightforward but effective for the objectives of the plot.


There hasn’t been much spoken about Jason Statham, one of the most well-known and recognized actors working today, who portrays strong and noble characters in movies like “”Fast and furious” or “Crank”

As a result, Patrick Hughes, a filmmaker with whom Statham had worked on “The Expendables 3,” called and asked him to join “The Man from Toronto.” “because the characters called for in the script would complement his adaptability and aggressiveness.

The actor “got off the boat” due to creative disagreements with the film’s violence, despite his initial acceptance.

The British suggested changing the rating from PG-13 (not recommended for viewers under the age of 13 unless accompanied by an adult) to Category R instead of anticipating a lighthearted movie (restricted to children under 17 years of age).

According to the French website “allocine,” the 54-year-old actor demanded more violence in the movie’s plot, but Sony, the company that owned the rights that it eventually sold to Netflix, refused since it would have meant a smaller audience.

Similar to how it didn’t take long for the actor who played Hobs in “Fast and Furious” to be replaced, the pandemic’s arrival led to the production almost being shelved before it was picked back up and released on Netflix.



Kevin Hart as Teddy

Woody Harrelson as The Man from Toronto

Kaley Cuoco as Anne

Jasmine Mathews as Lori

Lela Loren as Daniela Marin

Pierson Fodé as The Man from Miami

Jencarlos Canela as Agent Santoró

Ellen Barkin as The Handler

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