I Am Legend 2 – Release Date

I Am Legend 2 – Release Date
In the world of entertainment Hollywood wastes no time putting together a sequel, prequel, or even a reboot after a movie becomes a box office success.

So I Am Legend fans were surprised when there were no talks about continuing the story when the Will Smith movie became a hit. Now, over a decade later, a sequel to the 2007 is in the works! Here’s everything we know about I Am Legend 2 so far.

I Am Legend premiered in theaters in 2007 to $585.4 million at the box office world wide. Box Office Mojo reports that I Am Legend opened to “the largest-ever box office for a non-Christmas film released in December.” Additionally, it became the seventh highest-grossing movie that year.

It is still too early to know too much about the upcoming movie, but here’s what we’ve gathered. And remember to bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it as soon as we learn more

I Am Legend 2 release date predictions
Don’t hold your breath for this one! Even though there are is no official release date known at this time, the movie will not premiere in the year 2023. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly, until that slap. Now it seems production wants to wait until Will Smith’s popularity picks back up. This means the movie may not hit theaters until mid to late 2024.

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