Goodbye, Daniel Craig, and hello, Tom Hardy, the next James Bond after No Time To Die

Goodbye, Daniel Craig, and hello, Tom Hardy, the next James Bond after No Time To Die
While Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die does not in theatres until November, rumours about the next instalment are already circulating. Many names have been floated about for the coveted position in the business, and Tom Hardy is one of them.

According to sources, for the time being, the next British Spy Action-thriller will provide actor Daniel Craig a proper sendoff after five films in which he has played a spy.

After No Time To Die, the 52-year-old actor will leave the role for permanently If The Vulcan Reporter is to be believed, the studio has already cast Tom Hardy in the role of James Bond.

After No Time to Die, the Inception star will take over for Daniel Craig. According to the story, the studio was intended to make the formal announcement in November, but owing to the coronavirus epidemic, that would no longer be the case.

The studio is now thinking about making the formal announcement in December or early 2021.It’s common knowledge that EON productions prioritise the current James Bond picture before considering the next one.

And, since the film No Time To Die was completed months earlier, the producers had more time to plan the following instalment.Furthermore, Daniel Craig’s last Bond picture was supposed to be released a year ago.

Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson now have even more cause to begin planning Bond 26 and the next 007 actor.While no official confirmation has been issued, the news should be regarded with a grain of salt.

It would not be surprising if the studio announced that Tom Hardy had been cast in the next James Bond film, given his name has been connected to the series several times in the past. Now we can only hope that the actor will be able to walk into the renowned shoes of James Bond.

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