Carter Verone (The Boss In 2Fast 2Furious) Will Back For ‘Fast And Furious 10’

Carter Verone (The Boss In 2Fast 2Furious) Will Back For ‘Fast And Furious 10’
Some of the villains from the later Fast films have popped back up again, such as Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) in The Fate of the Furious (albeit with a bit of redemption, helping his brother Deckard save Dom’s son) and now Cipher (Charlize Theron) in F9

but many of the early foes were one and done characters, with only the fourth film’s villain, Braga, appearing again briefly in Fast & Furious 6.

So what exactly has happened to guys like 2 Fast 2 Furious‘ Carter Verone (Cole Hauser), Tokyo Drift‘s Takashi (Brian Tee), and the aforementioned Arturo Braga (John Ortiz) since we last saw them? Many fans are curious, and some would like to see them all return together. Davigs72 even includes the first film’s villain, Johnny Tran (Rick Yune), who’s another “he sure seemed dead last we saw” character, writing, “I’d like to see all the old villains (Tran, Verone, Takashi, Braga for example) come back and team up against the family in the final movie.”

Carter Verone is a ruthless former Argentine-American drug lord. He became a target for U.S. Customs due to his drug operations and was later arrested after Brian O’Connor and Roman Pearce went undercover with aid from undercover U.S. Customs agent Monica Fuentes.

Carter Verone was born on April 12, 1968 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is exceedingly rich and owns many properties including a mansion, boat yard, and trailer park. He’s also hired a high amount of people under his employ including his bodyguards and go to thugs, Enrique and Roberto. Also under his employ is Monica Fuentes who is also an undercover U.S. Customs agent who it is suggested he has a sexual relationship with.

Verone puts out the word that he needs drivers to deliver a package and subsequently has Fuentes employ Brian Earl Spilner (O’Conner) and Roman Pearce as the drivers; however, Fuentes and U.S. Customs tell them to infiltrate his drug organization as drivers in order to facilitate an arrest. Verone is ruthless and threatens Monica after suspecting her of flirting with Brian and also tortures a bent police officer by forcing him to lie down on a table and having a rat bite and scratch him.

Brian and Roman soon learn that Verone plans to have them killed after they deliver this package and consequently devise a plan to thwart him which includes disposing his two bodyguards.

Verone eventually discovers that Monica is an undercover agent and takes her onto his boat possibly with the intention of killing her. Before doing so, he gives her false information by luring a team of U.S. Customs agents led by Markham to a nearby airfield and tired to dispose Brian by letting his henchmen Enrique kill him once he arrives and delivers the money to him, though he is later rescued by Roman. Following a chase which concludes with Brian crashing his car into Verone’s boat to save Monica, Verone is then arrested although he tells Brian and Roman that he will hunt them down when he is released from prison.

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