This is a summary of the movie Homefront with Jason Statham.

This is a summary of the movie Homefront with Jason Statham.
The Trans TV theater will once again show Homefront tonight, Tuesday (11/10/2022).

At 9:45 p.m., a movie starring Jason Statham will be broadcast.

The movie Homefront is about getting even for past wrongs. The son of a gang leader has been found thanks to the former DEA agent.

After the kidnapping of the DEA member’s child, they later fight once more.

The plot of the movie was based from Chuck Logan’s book Homefront. The screenplay was then modified by actor Sylvester Stallone. Gary Fleder served as the director in the interim.

The plot of Homefront centers on former DEA agent Phil Broker. He ran into a difficulty while on duty one day.

The son of the gang boss passed away after electing to commit suicide rather than being apprehended by the police as a result of a mistake in handling a motorcycle gang.

The child’s father, Danny T, is extremely heartbroken and wants to exact retribution. Phil, on the other hand, felt regret for his part in the demise.

Phil’s private life was already very disorganized. After divorcing his wife, he had an unsuccessful marriage. A 9-year-old girl named Maddy was the result of this union.

Additionally, Phil and Maddy relocated to Louisiana. Phil feels happier in this small town. Maddy also enrolled in school and found some new pals.

Maddy and her friend Teddy once got into a fight, which led to the school calling the parents of the two kids.

Unfortunately, Teddy’s mother rejects Maddy and harbors animosity toward her. Then he requested that his brother Gator Bodine frighten Maddy.

Knowing that his son was being bullied, Phil retaliated. He battles Gator’s troops. Gator, on the other hand, learns about Pill’s past, including the fact that he was a former DEA agent and dealt with the killing of Danny’s son, a gang leader.

Then, Gator got in touch with Danny to ask him where Phill was. Danny’s emotions once more spark him, and his troops order him to attack. The conflict is unavoidable and ends with numerous victims in Danny’s men’s bodies.

Unfortunately, Maddy had gotten away from Phill’s watchful eye and had been abducted. As a result, Phill is forced to resolve their disagreement and save his son. (dav)

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