Norman Reedus and Michelle Rodriguez star in the virtual reality movie “The Limit”

Norman Reedus and Michelle Rodriguez star in the virtual reality movie “The Limit”
The Limit, a new immersive action movie starring Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus, is being released on all VR platforms by Robert Rodriguez and his son Racer Max.

The Limit is a new interactive VR action film series from director Robert Rodriguez, and we have the mind-bending trailer for it. The Limit appears to be a singularly immersive experience, part intense action movie, part interactive VR game. It combines Rodriguez’ signature flair for over-the-top violence, imaginative weaponry, and heaps of dead henchmen with cutting-edge VR technology and the talents of Norman Reedus and Michelle Rodriguez.

Beginning with his “Mexico Trilogy,” a collection of timeless action films that was inspired by the independently produced breakout success El Mariachi in 1992, Robert Rodriguez established himself as an action-first director. Since then, his work has covered a wide range of genres, including the family-friendly Spy Kids series, the critically praised Sin City adaption, and the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel, which is based on the venerable manga by Yukito Kishiro. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Rodriguez has also started several cross-media enterprises, such as the 2013-founded cable television station El Rey Network, and produced and co-produced a number of feature projects under his company Troublemaker Studios.

Today, Robert Rodriguez’s first VR project is live. The Limit’s teaser trailer gives spectators and players an idea of what to expect from the novel and experimental form of entertainment. The Limit is the first offering from Double R, a recently established studio founded by Rodriguez and his son Racer Max, who served as the inspiration for the director’s most recent VR endeavor. Below, you can see the brand-new teaser and poster for The Limit’s opening 20-minute episode, which stars Norman Reedus and Michelle Rodriguez. You can also see a preview of the interactive parts of the episode where you can get involved in the action.

The Limit is described as “an immersive movie experience,” and the trailer is packed with gunfights, fast-paced car chases, skydiving, and an abundance of one-liners. If you ever wanted to experience what it was like to take the star of The Walking Dead on one-on-one, here’s your chance. Norman Reedus looks to play the villain, sporting a mechanical arm that can catch bullets and even engaged in direct battle with the headset-wearer.

The Limit is a full-on family affair as Rodriguez and his son Racer Max co-wrote the series while his younger son Rebel Rodriguez contributed to the soundtrack. In addition to being cast in the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel, Michelle Rodriguez (who is not related to the director) has already collaborated with him on the Machete movies. Regarding Reedus, it appears that this is his first time working for Rodriguez.

Fans have several options for watching this first episode thanks to the inclusion of a chapter-select demo mode, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and both 3D and 2D versions of the movie with The Limit purchases.

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