Fast Five’s Dom & Hobbs scene altered the Fast & Furious franchise forever.

Fast Five’s Dom & Hobbs scene altered the Fast & Furious franchise forever.
Fast Five’s Dominic Toretto and Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs appeared in one scene that became a staple of subsequent Fast and Furious films.

Many aspects of Fast Five altered the course of Fast and Furious, but a scene starring Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs had a significant impact on the franchise’s future. Fast Five, the first Fast and Furious movie to star The Rock, had the highest budget of any previous Fast and Furious movie, which was evident in the film’s enormous ensemble and international setting. Still, one important Fast Five has to do with hand-to-hand action scenes more so than adding The Rock or expanding the scope of the tale.

Fast Five’s Hobbs vs. Dom fight was the first extended, high-stakes hand-to-hand fight sequence in the franchise’s history, and it’s perhaps the film’s high point. Dom and Brian engaged in a quick fight sequence in Fast & Furious (2009), but it was more of an emotional struggle between grieving friends than a legitimate, staged fight. Toretto was Hobb’s target in Fast Five, and their confrontation marked the end of a heated rivalry that had developed over the course of the film. Fast Five’s most iconic action scene, in contrast to the previous four movies in the series, was a hand-to-hand battle scene. This change was carried over to all subsequent Fast & Furious films.

The Fight Scenes From Fast & Furious Are Now Inherent To The Saga

The Fast and Furious series did not feature any battle sequences throughout its first ten years. However, the elaborately choreographed battle scene between The Rock’s Hobbs and Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, in which both performers had a chance to shine, raised the bar for the Fast and Furious action scenes. Fast and Furious movies were still known for their increasingly ludicrous but always exciting automobile stunts, but audiences had new standards for the fight scenes in these movies. Car stunts remained insufficient when some of Hollywood’s biggest action performers, like Jason Statham and John Cena, joined the Fast and Furious franchise.The battle scenes in the Fast and Furious movies have now come to define the franchise. Some examples include the brawl in Fast & Furious 6’s subway station, Hobbs vs. Shaw in Furious 7, and the prison fight scene in The Fate of the Furious.

Fast & Furious Keeps Raising the Bar on Fight Scene Quality

The Hobbs vs. Dom battle from Fast Five started a legacy of amazing hand-to-hand fight scenes, and subsequent Fast and Furious films had to constantly strive to surpass it. The Fast and the Furious movies always included exciting, inventive hand-to-hand fight scenes, even though the premise that everything had to be greater than the previous iterations may have worked against the franchise when it comes to automobile action. Fast and Furious fight scenes can go anywhere, unlike the vehicle stunts, which can only be as innovative before getting ridiculous.

It seems logical that the fight scenes are now equally as popular as the automobile action in the Fast and Furious movies given the large number of action stars who appear in them. The Hobbs vs. Dom fight in Fast Five established a new standard for the series and demonstrated that there might be more to Fast and Furious than just vehicle stunts. What kind of hand-to-hand fighting Fast X will offer is still unknown.

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