5 Best “The Rock” Movies to Binge Ahead of ‘Black Adam’

5 Best “The Rock” Movies to Binge Ahead of ‘Black Adam’
Nobody could have anticipated the kind of stardom and fan following Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could garner with his acting prowess.

Thanks to his smoldering smirk, his hilarious comic timing, and nail-biting action sequences, his performances are always entertaining.

After an immensely successful wrestling career, he dipped his toes in the world of acting before fully becoming an actor people watch out for.

What’s more, he’s now donning a cape and honing his superhuman skills with his upcoming role in the DCEU as Black Adam. With the teaser already released, the movie has created a much-deserved buzz around Johnson’s latest role.

Fans have been waiting for Black Adam to hit theaters with bated breath with its release date inching closer. Now is a good time to revisit Johnson’s filmography, to see how his career led him to this.

5.The ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise

It is impossible to separate the movies of the Fast & Furious franchise. Johnson doesn’t appear until the fifth installment, and he spends a large portion of the seventh film sitting out, but he’s a key component of what transformed this franchise from a passable run of car-racing films into one of the best and most popular action franchises on the planet.

He’s the ideal counterbalance to Vin Diesel’s irrepressible antihero, and his bravery makes all these petty criminals more endearing than ever when he joins the squad. Of course, these movies also feature some of the best action scenes out there. They’re corny, ludicrously sentimental, and a lot of fun.

4.’Moana’ (2016)

In this magnificent Disney animated feature, Johnson plays Maui, a hero whose reckless adventuring and lifetime of coasting on charm have doomed the Earth. Johnson performs this role in a smart inversion of his regular on-screen image. He also explored his range and nailed all the songs with his brilliant butter voice.

Young Moana (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) is the one who must track him down, persuade him to mature, and finally save him, personifying a new age and a new sort of heroism. The tunes are great, the animation is brilliant and hilarious, and Johnson gives a tremendous performance as a dashing demigod.

3.’Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ (2012)

Some people may have forgotten about this charming sequel to the classic film starring Brendon Fraser, but The Rock smashes the role of a stepdad who takes his kid on an adventure of a lifetime, meeting a father-daughter duo along the way.

With giant animals and creepy crawlers, the movie was released in 3D in theaters and provided thrills and scares in brilliantly shot sequences. It’s a family-friendly feature that can be enjoyed with loads of popcorn for a thrilling ride.

2.’Skyscraper’ (2018)

The action seems to be one of the few ingredients in Johnson’s movies, but nobody doubts the fact as he does it so well. Johnson scales the highest skyscraper in the world, complete with indoor jungles and even a holodeck suite, to save his family from gun-toting arsonists in this mash-up of Die Hard and The Towering Inferno.

The action sequences in this thriller are preposterous but entertaining, and Johnson and Neve Campbell, who co-stars as a doctor attempting to save her children from the fire, give their all to their roles.

1.’Central Intelligence’ (2016)

Johnson was the victim of bullying in high school, while Kevin Hart was the popular kid. Years later, they reconnected at a reunion, and it turned out that Johnson had become an international super-spy and Hart had become a bland corporate pawn. Naturally, they end up working together to save the world.

On paper, it might sound a little formulaic, but Central Intelligence is a wonderfully amusing and lovely film that sincerely addresses the lingering repercussions of bullying in childhood. One of Johnson’s best performances in his whole career comes in the scene where he faces his high school bully and crumbles in the process.

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