Vin Diesel’s Miami Vice Update: Will The TV Reboot Happen?

Vin Diesel’s Miami Vice Update: Will The TV Reboot Happen?
In 2017, Vin Diesel was tied to a revival of the legendary ’80s series Miami Vice, but has this project been shelved or is it still in the works?

Is the planned revival of the ’80s cop show Miami Vice still happening? Vin Diesel was originally tied to a reboot of the ’80s cop drama Miami Vice. Miami Vice, which premiered on NBC in 1984, was unlike anything else on television at the time. The show was given an MTV-inspired appearance, giving it a cinematic shine that set it apart from other procedurals of the time. While the show was criticized at the time for being shallow or too glossy, it frequently dealt with serious themes and subject matter, and it starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as vice cops Crockett and Tubbs.

From the images to the music, producer Michael Mann was the driving force behind Miami Vice’s first two seasons. Future movie stars and character performers, including improbable future action star Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, and Richard Jenkins, all had early parts on the show. Miami Vice ended after five seasons in 1990 because to declining ratings and a sense of creative exhaustion, and it has since been referenced and homaged in games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Mann later directed a film adaptation in 2006 starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, which was a box office flop at the time but is today regarded as a hidden gem.

Following the film’s success, there were speculations of a possible television resurrection. Has there been any development on a Miami Vice revival since Vin Diesel was linked to it?

In 2017, Vin Diesel and his production company announced a reboot of Miami Vice.

According to Variety, Vin Diesel’s production company One Race Television will be behind a revival of Miami Vice in 2017. Diesel’s business was working on the series alongside Chris Morgan Productions, who has previously written several Fast & Furious films. The series’ pilot was also planned to be written by screenwriter Peter Macmanus (Happy!). However, no cast or crew has been announced, and it’s unclear what role Diesel will play on Miami Vice except being an EP.

Don Johnson has confirmed that he spoke with Diesel about a possible Miami Vice reboot.

Don Johnson, the original star of Miami Vice, has been asked about his feelings about a possible rebirth in various interviews. He seemed to hint the project was moving forward with his involvement during a 2019 interview with UK show This Morning, but he’s been more careful in subsequent interviews. Johnson revealed in a 2021 interview with USA Today that he and Diesel “were supposed to talk,” but that no dialogue regarding a reboot took place, and that “no one’s talking to me about (“Miami Vice”) right now.” He also emphasized the central issue with a modernized version of the show, noting “The difficulty with “Miami Vice” is that it was set in a very specific era with a very distinct mentality. It’ll undoubtedly take on a different tone now.”

The Miami Vice Reboot Doesn’t Look Like It’ll Happen

While the return of Miami Vice, in which Johnson was almost replaced by Mark Harmon, isn’t officially canceled, it doesn’t appear to be in the works. Since 2017, there have been no additional updates on the project, with Diesel himself preoccupied with the final Fast & Furious films. The resurrection idea most likely died after a time of development, but considering how iconic the brand is, it will almost certainly return in some form, whether it’s a movie or a television show.

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