B&N Spy x Family Display Enlists Dom Toretto of Vin Diesel to Promote the Manga

As Anya Forger joins Dominic Torreto’s family, Barnes and Noble devises a novel strategy to sell the Spy x Family manga.

In a new photo taken inside a Barnes and Noble shop, the Forgers from Spy x Family are learning to live life a quarter-mile at a time.

Twitter user @ nontann took the photo and posted it online. “It’s about Spy x Family,” says the innovative display, which contains an image of Vin Diesel as Dominic Torreto, the invincible hero of the Fast and Furious franchise. Anya Forger, a young street racer turned counter-terrorism operator, is shown standing confidently alongside Torreto, having apparently been recruited into the squad’s team, which previously lacked a telepath.

Dominic Torreto’s love for his family has become one of the most popular memes to emerge from the Fast franchise, surpassing even his love for fast cars and beer that only tastes nice if you throw a lime in it. Everything from Spider-Man crossovers to livestreams with armies of Vin Diesel impersonators chanting his favorite word has been inspired by the joke. The memes soared in popularity in 2021 following the publication of F9: The Fast Saga, which saw Dom forced to fight his estranged brother, Jakob Torreto, played by WWE superstar John Cena, who was forced to face Dom’s estranged brother, Jakob Torreto, played by WWE superstar John Cena.

Meanwhile, Spy x Family has become a sensation thanks to its family-friendly humor, albeit its plot of super spies and telepathic children is noticeably more grounded in tone than Dominic Torreto’s exploits. The Eisner Award-nominated manga’s long-awaited anime adaptation arrived earlier this year, swiftly becoming the spring anime season’s breakout hit.

Tatsuya Endo, the writer and artist of the hit Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, produced the espionage-themed comedy in 2019. It was originally released as an exclusive for Shonen Jump+, Shuiesha’s digital manga program. The story of a super spy and the fictitious family he creates for a mission has swiftly become one of the service’s most popular novels, with print editions selling over 21 million copies worldwide.Endo’s manga has previously been nominated for two Eisner Awards: the first in 2021, when it lost to horror maestro Junji Ito’s similarly regarded Remina, and the second in 2022, when it was nominated for the award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Asia.

Crunchyroll is currently simulcasting the Spy x Family anime. VIZ Media publishes Endo’s manga in both print and digital media in English.

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