‘ARK 2’ Will Excite “Real Gamers,” According to Vin Diesel.

From Starfield to Hollow Knight: Silksong, and even Persona on Xbox, the Xbox and Bethesda non-E3 expo gave us enough to be excited about. A reminder that ARK 2 is happening, and Vin Diesel is in it, whether you like it or not, was sandwiched in the midst of fantastic announcements and gameplay video for upcoming releases. He’s also riding a dinosaur, because he’s a dinosaur.

ARK: Survival Evolved was a fantastic game in 2017, so when the sequel was announced in 2020, it came as no surprise. The fact that the Fast & Furious star would be joining Studio Wildcard as an executive producer, on the other hand, was not something I think anyone expected.He’s obviously excited about the game, and he wants you to be as well.

Diesel came to Instagram after Sunday’s showcase to express his unfiltered thoughts on the upcoming title and its predecessor, as well as some more interesting news: “Ark Survival Evolved is the best game out right now… Many years ago, my son introduced me to the game. Then [Studio] Wildcard and the rest of the [genius] crew asked me to guide the IP into the TV and cinema worlds… Diesel wrote, “an [honour] I can’t begin to describe.” “Any true gamer is looking forward to Ark 2!!! But I’m looking forward to seeing the franchise come to life on the big screen. “Be on the lookout.”

That’s right, if you’re not enthusiastic for ARK 2, you’re not a true gamer. Sorry, those are the breaks, according to Vin Diesel. Also, yes, he did just confirm out of nowhere that he’ll be appearing in an ARK film – no word on when that’ll be released, but if it means we’ll get to see more of the actor riding dinosaurs, I’m all for it.

ARK 2, on the other hand, will be released in 2023. If you haven’t tried out its predecessor yet, you may do so for free on Steam until Sunday, June 19th (6pm UK time) – so take advantage while you can.

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