FAST & FURIOUS Cast Bought This With Their MILLIONS

FAST & FURIOUS Cast Bought This With Their MILLIONS
The Fast and Furious franchise has racked up billions of dollars at the box office. No surprise. Who wouldn’t like the combination of pretty women, fast cars, and missions full of action? It has made several actors multi-millionaires and some even a hundred millionaires.

Take Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel for example. So how do they spend their hard-earned money apart from buying luxury and sports cars? They certainly don’t hesitate to spend bucks on private jets, expensive dinners, but most importantly – real estate. And they buy loads of it. Take Dwayne Johnson for instance. He has amassed a real estate portfolio that even the best real estate agent in the States could envy.

Ranches, condos, penthouses, you name it, and Dwayne Johnson either owns it, or he has already sold it for a hefty profit. Speaking about real estate flipping, Jason Statham could talk for hours. He’s notorious for always looking for a new property he could fix up and sell for profit. But other Fast and Furious crew members don’t come too far behind as well. Want to know exactly what properties they own and where they live? Stick with us till the end!

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