A star honoring Paul Walker will be erected on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Vin Diesel responds by “crying”

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow welcomed the upcoming Hollywood stardom of her father with unreleased images.

Fans of the Fast & Furious film series are particularly pleased about one of the 2023 entrants into the illustrious Hollywood Walk of Fame, which welcomes new stars each year. The well-known Los Angeles venue will get a plaque just for Paul Walker!

Nearly ten years after his passing, the actor who created Brian O’Conner will be recognized for his work. His only daughter, Meadow Walker, marked the occasion with a moving post to which he attached two images of his father.

“Dad, congratulations! I know that when you were younger, you would have never believed this! I also understand that you are blushing and feeling appreciative as you gaze down while grinning contagiously. You deserve it because you earned it. I adore you “The fashion model said.

To describe how much it means to him that his buddy and “brother,” as he refers to Paul Walker, is a part of one of the most iconic landmarks in the Californian city, Vin Diesel declared himself speechless.

“I’m unable to explain what this implies. No, I’ll truly do it during our subsequent family supper. Tears, “added the actor, who in the series plays Dominic Toretto. He posted a note on the discussion board of the article that Meadow, with whom he shares a very close relationship, had shared.

Vin Diesel greeted Walker’s daughter as if she were a member of his family following the actor’s passing. He led the young woman down the aisle at her marriage to Louis Thornton-Allan in October of last year, serving as a symbol of their deep passion and unique bond.

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