10 Best Vin Diesel Movies, According To Ranker

Ranker users have picked which Vin Diesel movies are the finest, from the adorable Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy to the famous Dom in Fast & Furious.

On July 8, 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder will be released, marking Vin Diesel’s return to the big screen. The actor’s portrayal of Groot is adored even though he won’t be featured in the final product. Fans on Ranker have voted for the Vin Diesel movies they believe are the greatest out of the many others in his list of credits, which span more than two decades.

Since the actor is most closely linked with the series, it is inevitable that the Fast & Furious movies take center stage. Others do appear, including Guardians of the Galaxy and others, so it’s worthwhile to see which roles Vin Diesel is most frequently seen in among Ranker fans.

Note that certain rankings may have changed since this publication because ranker lists are active and continue to get votes.

Riddick (2013)
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The third installment includes the same action and horror elements that fans love, yet it is controversial which of the two sequels, Riddick or The Chronicles of Riddick, is superior. In Riddick, the main character is stranded on a burned world where he must fight against mercenaries and predatory aliens.

By the time Riddick was released, Vin Diesel had already played Dominic Toretto several times in Fast & Furious, so fans were thrilled to see him return to another one of his enduring characters. Although the gloomy tone of Riddick may not be to everyone’s taste, fans of the series will find everything they need.

Pitch Black (2000)
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Pitch Black was one of Vin Diesel’s first leading roles before he became widely well-known. In order to survive the inhospitable environment of a desert planet, Richard B. Riddick and the remaining crew of a wrecked starship try to devise a plan.

In contrast to its sequels, Pitch Black heavily incorporates horror elements and showcases Vin Diesel’s acting versatility. Although Pitch Black failed to impress critics, it resonated with consumers and is still regarded as one of Diesel’s best films.

The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004)
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In the Pitch Black sequel, Riddick faces off against an army that intends to attack a planet and wipe out all of its inhabitants. The Chronicles of Riddick attempted to appeal to younger audiences by having a larger budget than the original and a PG-13 rating, but the movie’s box office performance wasn’t great.

However, the film has a good following on home media, becoming the most popular out of the three Riddick films yet. Many enjoy the sequences that make full use of Vin Diesel’s action background. The Chronicles of Riddick is a breezy watch that isn’t complex like the other two entries.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)
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Vin Diesel plays the voice of Groot, even though viewers never see the actor. Groot was established as the Guardians of the Galaxy’s most courageous member in the first film starring the dysfunctional team. In the narrative, the group unites to thwart Ronan the Accuser’s ambitions to destroy Xandar.

Groot stands out in the gang for being a humorous and endearing member who ultimately sacrifices his life to save his companions. One of the few Vin Diesel movies to receive a resoundingly favorable critical and fan response, the actor has subsequently returned to voice Groot.

Furious 7 (2015)
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The final adventure for Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, in Furious 7, attracted a lot of attention. Naturally, Dominic Toretto from Diesel continues to be the main character. He and his gang go on a worldwide expedition to hunt down Deckard Shaw.

While Furious 7 as a whole isn’t as well-liked as some other Fast & Furious movies, its last scene, in which Dom and Brian say their goodbyes, is highly praised. Although Shaw follows the heroes everywhere they go, the plot can become repetitious even though Furious 7 still features the trademark over-the-top action of the series.

Fast & Furious (2009)
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Dom and Brian, who hadn’t been together since the first Fast & Furious movie, reunited in the fourth chapter. As in the previous three films, vehicle chases remain the main source of entertainment, but Fast & Furious also includes several memorable battle scenes.

The plot of the film centers on Dom and Brian trying to find out who killed Dom’s lover Letty. Fans of Vin Diesel hold a special place in their hearts for the movie Fast & Furious since it served as the turning point in the actor’s career as an action star. Since then, Diesel has only released action movies.

F9 (2021)
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Fans of the series look forward to the cheesy scenes, even if there are quite a few in F9. The success of F9 demonstrates Dominic Toretto’s tenacity, as the character has continued to appear for 20 years after the first movie’s debut.

Jakob, Dom’s brother, is on a quest to launch a lethal gadget into orbit, it is revealed in F9. The tension between the brothers and their eventual reconciliation form the story’s core. Although F9 didn’t exactly alter the Fast & Furious formula, it did find fresh ways to up the ante, such having the heroes travel to space.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
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The Fast & Furious franchise’s sixth entry is when things really started to go sideways. Along with his quest to reunite with the amnesiac Letty who is working for Shaw, it shows Dom reassembling his team in order to stop Owen Shaw’s team. The lack of a clear plot in Fast & Furious 6 aids in keeping the emphasis on the action.

Fast & Furious 6 is sheer high-octane entertainment, from Dom leaping over a bridge and saving Letty in midair to the group shooting down a whole plane with their automobiles. Fans frequently save it for rewatches of the series since it has a fast-paced vibe and has Dom’s witty one-liners.

Fast Five (2011)
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Fast Five, consistently regarded as one of Vin Diesel’s best movies, was a major step forward for Dominic Toretto. In Fast Five, Dom gathers his squad to rob a criminal leader in Rio de Janeiro as the series transitions from racing-centric episodes to a heist theme.

The introduction of The Rock as Luke Hobbs in Fast Five made the series more approachable to general audiences and drew in millions more viewers. Despite being still highly watchable more than ten years later, it still serves as the series’ apex in terms of both critical and popular reviews.

The Fast And The Furious (2001)
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It’s appropriate that Ranker fans’ favorite movie is the one that launched Vin Diesel’s ascent to stardom. Given how far the main characters have come since The Fast and the Furious, the film clearly seems modest in size now. However, it has its own attraction to see Dom’s early life and the start of his friendship with Brian.

The Fast and the Furious is about Brian breaking into Dom’s crew to discover evidence of their criminal activity, only to really join the group. The first film more than makes up for whatever lack of high-budget moments that it may have with charm and stellar cast performances.

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