As promised by Vin Diesel, Fast 10 is currently filming in Italy.

Fast and Furious 10 is now filming in Italy, and Vin Diesel has stated that bringing the action film there has been a long-term desire of his. In an Instagram video, he talks about the press tour for the fourth Fast and Furious movie, during which Italian media inquired when the European nation will get life a quarter mile at a time.

I was amazed when our movie debuted at 70 million or more in the US, he recalls. I distinctly recall answering the question “Would there ever be a Fast where you could actually film in Italy?” when my Italian brothers and sisters asked me during a news conference.

He continues by saying that he didn’t entirely anticipate keeping his promise on his birthday in 2022 when he made it. Due to the fact that Dom Torretto doesn’t do things by halves, the newest Fast and Furious movie is also being filmed close to the Colosseum. There is currently no information on who else is filming alongside Diesel, but we can guess that some well-known celebrities are present.

The Fast 9 crew traveled to Tokyo, London, and Edinburgh. Rome was actually just another obvious step in the global thriller film genre.

The cast of Louis Leterrier’s Fast & Furious 10 includes Tyrese Gibson, Brie Larson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Sung Kang, Charlize Theron, and more. The primary franchise as we now know it will conclude with this first installment of a two-part conclusion.

What direction might Fast and Furious take next? Time will only tell. May 19, 2023 marks the release of Fast 10.

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