Fast X is the first part of a blockbuster swansong for Vin Diesel and Co.

Clink your Coronas and fire up the NOS, the latest instalment of Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious franchise, Fast X, is hitting screens in May next year. It’s a fascinating success story: the decades-long series that, from its humble origin in 2001 as a street racing thriller has evolved into one of the most profitable blockbuster brands of all time.

The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling
The Gray Man: “Netflix’s emptiest star vehicle” or “James Bond meets Fast and Furious”?
By Olivia Pym

There’re the mainline movies, spin-offs, TV shows, video games, toys; it helped to cement Dwayne Johnson as a global megastar, and bolstered one-time WWE co-performer John Cena’s Hollywood bona fides. A series set over the course of twenty-one years, the Fast films have surprising pathos and emotional resonance, not least because of original star Paul Walker’s untimely death in 2013.

Fast X is confirmed to be the penultimate film in the series as Vin and co gear up for a two-part sign swagsong, which should at least tide us over until the next inevitable off-shoot.

Here’s everything we know about Fast X.

Fast X will release on 19 May 2023
It was delayed a bunch of times owing to the Rona, but Fast ten is still set to rocket onto our screens next May, kicking off blockbuster season with aplomb.

There were fears of further delay in the wake of director Justin Lin’s decision to step away from the captaincy, with Louis Leterrier now perched in the director’s chair.

That fear was, however, mostly unfounded: while studio Universal did push back the movie from its already delayed 7 April 2023 launch date, it was only by six weeks.

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