The Man Who Has Dedicated His Life To Becoming Vin Diesel Is Who You Should Know.

No desire or objective seems too big for Arthit Duangsri, who has dedicated his life to maintaining the body and grooming routine necessary to receive compliments on how much he resembles his idol, Vin Diesel.

For many, it would be negligent to overlook Vin Diesel when discussing the embodiment of Cool. Vin Diesel is the man who does it all when it comes to producing action-packed blockbusters that thrive on high-adrenaline, epic fight sequences, and the kind of choreography that only the best stuntmen can produce. He may not be the most well-known actor in Hollywood, but he is the one who does it all. After all, the Fast and the Furious franchise, which continues to draw viewers from all over the world with each new installment, has made his name associated with it.

While we all have different levels of love for Diesel, one man might be able to lay claim to being the actor’s biggest supporter. Arthit Duangsri, also known as “The Thai Vin Diesel,” has dedicated his entire life to becoming Vin Diesel. Previously a dancer for a band, Duangsri, 38, found it difficult to find a look that suited him.

Duangsri made the decision to cut his hair after hearing that he looked like the movie star when he tied it up, which led him to believe that his long hair wasn’t doing him any favors or helping him to feel the most like himself. Already a major fan of the Fast and Furious actor, Duangsri went ahead and shaved his head and face in the hopes of becoming a Vin Diesel look alike.

Getting the body of an action star is the actual challenge, albeit shaving your head isn’t that difficult. For Duangsri, it was challenging to commit to a training routine.

What is the purpose of this change? Actually, there isn’t one. However, Duangsri adores his new appearance and now wishes he may someday meet the action star who set him on his path and who he has grown to like in recent years. People Duangsri encounters in public are supportive of his transformation in the meantime, and many are eager to snap a picture with him and do so. He was “doing what he loves and making it,” one person said, and another added, “Who the fuck am I to condemn someone for what makes them happy?”

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