Fast 10: The Rock’s Absence Makes Momoa’s Villain A Big Missed Opportunity

Jason Momoa will be the villain of Fast 10 & 11, but The Rock’s departure from the franchise sadly means his original plans probably won’t happen.

Jason Momoa boarding the Fast & Furious franchise is big news for the series, but it unfortunately makes some previously intended plans with The Rock’s lawman Luke Hobbs likely impossible. The Fast Saga is set to conclude its mainline series with its upcoming two-part finale, Fast 10 and Fast 11. The longevity of the series is something few action movie franchises have ever achieved. Even more so is the dramatic re-invention that the series has undertaken.Dwayne Johnson Says Jason Momoa Will Be In The Next Fast And Furious Film – LADbible

2011’s Fast Five was where that transition began, with the entry of Dwayne Johnson’s DSS Agent Luke Hobbs being a major catalyst for change. Hobbs would return for the next three installments of the Fast & Furious series before Johnson moved into the spin-off Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Johnson has since repeatedly emphasized his retirement from the core Fast & Furious movies, attributing the decision to his feud with franchise mainstay Vin Diesel.

The news of Jason Momoa joining the Fast & Furious series has been well-received, with Momoa to portray the villain of the two-film finale. Despite Momoa joining Fast 10 & 11 exciting many moviegoers, it also leaves the original idea for his entry into the franchise essentially unworkable. Here’s how Jason Momoa almost joined the Fast & Furious series, and why The Rock’s departure leaves that idea on ice.

Dwayne Johnson Says Jason Momoa Will Be In The Next Fast And Furious Film - LADbible

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