Will smith ought to lose his position in ‘aladdin’ sequel to dwayne ‘the rock’ johnson!

Will smith ought to lose his position in ‘aladdin’ sequel to dwayne ‘the rock’ johnson!It seems like Disney isn’t happy with Will Smith after the slap In his role as the Genie, Smith portrayed the mythical character that was previously inhabited by the late great Robin Williams in animation back in the ’90s.

The film gathered wild success by amassing over $1 billion in the box office. But the recent Oscars incident appears to have spooked Disney executives, who apparently have made a massive decision in regards to the ‘Aladdin’ sequel.

Given that this source from two weeks ago is not a majorly reputable source, we are going to treat this like a rumor. Giant Freakin Robot claims to have some of the best scooping sources in the industry but they appear to be a fairly small news site for entertainment. According to them, Disney is already trying to do damage control with Will Smith.

Knowing Disney, it wouldn’t be surprising if they are actively looking for an ideal replacement who can take over his role as the Genie in the ‘Aladdin’ sequel. The actor who is allegedly in talks to take over an unspecified role in the movie will surprise more than one, but he is definitely a great choice if this story turns out to be true.

According to this source, Disney has begun talks with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to play an unspecified role in the ‘Aladdin’ sequel. Although they don’t confirm he is currently in talks to play the Genie, the timing of this information is strangely coincidental. If Disney does act like they have in the face of scandals, choosing Johnson for Will Smith’s role sounds like the perfect replacement.

Remember that in the past, Dwayne also played a musical role in ‘Moana’ and completely nailed it. However, none of this is confirmed yet and we will have to wait in order to get more accurate information about this. So far, there has been no official confirmation on what Disney plans to do with Will Smith after his scandal erupted.

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